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History-1Mason’s Auto Clinic was founded in 1959 as Mason’s Ford Clinic by Myron Mason. Myron apprenticed in Minnesota after serving in World War II on the Alaska Highway and in the Pacific. His wife Florence wanted to live in California so they headed west. Myron worked at Bay Shore Motors Ford in San Diego and Haught Ford in Coronado (Both of those businesses are long gone).


The name was changed to Mason’s Auto Clinic and the current building was leased by Myron in 1965 as a front end and brake service shop. Soon thereafter word spread of the quality of service that has since been passed down to Myron’s son Jerry and now Jerry’s son-in-law Mark Piper.


History-2Jerry began managing the shop in 1966 while still in college. Jerry completed his Master’s Degree at UC Davis in 1971. Myron’s several heart attacks led to the sale of Mason’s to Jerry and his wife Phyllis in 1975. The business real estate was purchased in 1985.


Desiring to work full-time as a writer, yet keep the business in the family, came to fruition when daughter Debbie married Mark Piper. Mark began working for auto dealerships in Denver in 1978 while still in high school. Mark has worked at several dealerships as both a parts and service department manager. Jerry stole Mark from Rancho Olds, Jeep, Saab to come work and Mason’s. Mark has been running the business since 1996.


History-3Jerry can still be reached at almost any time should any customer wish to speak with him. The family enjoys hearing from the many customers who have built relationships with them over the past 50 years.


Myron and his wife Florence have both since passed.


Photos (from top to bottom):


Top Photo: This photo was likely taken in 1965. Gene is in the foreground, Dale is under the Buick. I don’t know that I ever knew their last names. They worked for my dad; I was working there part time and attending my first year of college. Jerry Mason.


Middle Photo: Myron Mason, shown in this 1962 photo, founded MASON’S AUTO CLINIC, in 1959.


Bottom Photo: Willie, in this 1962 photo, was a German immigrant. Although Willie never spoke of it, my dad (Myron Mason) told me that he had been with the German SS during World War II. Jerry Mason.